SU Geologist receives NSF CAREER grant

Dr. Christopher Junium studies how marine communities respond to climate change

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Meet “Geocuse”!

SU Geography students create a resource for budding geographers.

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Campus as a Laboratory

Red Cup Project Targets Party Culture and Waste

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Tanner Lecture by Collin O’Mara

President of the National Wildlife Federation

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“Beautiful in every season”

Waverly Rain Garden offers environmental, aesthetic, research, and social justice benefits

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SOS Mural

Students of Sustainability transform the neighborhood.

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Syracuse University News

Syracuse University News

University Kicks Off 2015 RecycleMania Competition

Syracuse University kicked off its 2015 RecycleMania Collegiate Recycling Competition on Feb. 1. RecycleMania is a nationwide event that raises awareness about reducing waste and increasing recycling.

Last year, RM_logo_2015more than 6.3 million students and staff in 50 states, the District of Columbia and Canada participated in RecycleMania. During the eight-week campaign, over 89 million pounds was recycled or composted. This is equivalent to preventing the release of 126,597 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

“Every time people recycle they are extending the usefulness of something that has already served a purpose. When an item is recycled, a new product is produced using the recycled material, versus having to use new material to create the same item, preventing pollution and destruction of virgin material like trees, metals and other raw materials from earth’s natural resources,” says Melissa Cadwell, marketing manager of the University’s Sustainability Division. Read more…




(Excerpt from Syracuse New Times)

Enter Solstice Power

Solstice Power was conceived by three Syracuse University students who believe they can make the world a better place: James Shomar, CEO, who holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and MS in Entrepreneurship from SU; Griffin Kearney, CTO, a Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering at SU with a M.S. in Mechanical-Aerospace Engineering; and Tim Jeter, Chief Engineer, also an M.S. in Mechanical-Aerospace Engineering. Basically, these guys are brainiacs who know how to apply it.


From left to right: Tim Jeter, Griffin Kearney, & James Shomar. Photo:

What Is Solstice Power?

Solstice is the modern innovation of solar power. There’s a big, yellow ball of fire in the sky that is giving off a hell of a lot of power. Harnessing that power over the last few decades has proven highly inefficient; until now.

Typical solar panels can fill double the roof space of a building, taking an average of 40 years to pay off with batteries that cost double that of the panels themselves. This is not consumer friendly.

Furthermore, energy costs are expected to increase by 80% according to the EIA (Energy Information Administration) by 2040.
To combat this, the Solstice Power team has come up with a cost effective solution. Read full article….