For Parents

Greetings! Your child is in a class that is testing out a set of lessons we have developed to introduce the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Thanksgiving Address as a way of understanding ecology and environmental systems that complements scientific (textbook) knowledge about those systems. As part of this curriculum development, we are also doing research about the impact of the lessons on students’ attitudes toward nature. We hope that this research will allow us to improve the curriculum over time.

Your child’s teacher will administer a short questionnaire before and after the curriculum. You may view the questionnaire here.

The curriculum is also available for your review. For Middle Schools, it is here, and for High Schools, it is here. Please note that not every teacher will be using every lesson in the curriculum. Also, these are still under development, and will be revised based on the classroom experiences. We welcome your feedback: e-mail Rachel May with any suggestions.