For First-Year Forum Leaders

We hope you will help us introduce your students to sustainability at SU.

1. Invite us to your class!

Rachel May can give presentations on

The Remarkable Story of Onondaga Lake

Climate Change — What Does it Mean for You?

Sustainability — Whole Systems Thinking

Melissa Cadwell is available to present on

The Campus and You – a Jeopardy Game

Recycling and Waste

2. Encourage students to get involved.

Students of Sustainability at Syracuse University (SOS) and Brainfeeders have been very active in recent years, doing exciting projects on and near campus.

Find other student groups here.

3. Suggest they study sustainability.

Our website lists COURSES they can take. Some highlights this semester are

EAR 111 – Climate Change Past and Present

FST 102 – Food Fights: Contemporary Food Issues

GEO 103 – Environment and Society

EDU 200 – Science and Art: Ways of Looking

BIO 345 – Ecology and Evolution

TRM 300 – Art and Ecology: Food



CRS 377 – Communication, Nature & Sustainability
GEO 103 – Environment and Society
GEO 360 – Sustainability Science and Policy
GEO 374 – Environment and Development in the Global South
HTW 303 – Community and Environmental Health
PSC 360 – Sustainability Science and Policy


GEO 374 – Environment and Development in the Global South
EAR 111 – Climate Change Past and Present

Culture and Community 

GEO 171 – Human Geographies
GEO 600 – Spatial Storytelling  
MAX 132 – Global Community
PSC 758 – Global Migration


PHY 305 – Solar Energy Science and Architectures

Environmental Science and Technology  

BIO 345 – Ecology and Evolution
BIO 400-Ecosystem Ecology
BEN/CEN 600-Bio-Manufacturing
CEN 400- Service Energy & Sustainability
CEN 461/661 – Environmental Chemistry and Analysis
CIE 271 – Environmental Chemistry and Analysis
GEO 155 – The Natural Environment
EAR 104 – Introductory Geology Lab
EAR 105 – Earth Science
EAR 110 – Dynamic Earth
GEO 314 – Hazardous Geographic Environments
GEO 400-Urban Environmental History& Political Ecology
GEO 700- Climate Change:History, Geography, and Politics


EAR 117 – Oceanography
EAR 205 – Water and Our Environment
EAR 401/601 – Hydrogeology
EAR 612 – Water Energy Seminar
EAR 665 – Groundwater Modeling
CIE 400- Stream Ecohydrology
CIE 400- Urban Stormwater Management


FST 102 – Food Fights: Contemporary Food Issues
FST 204 – Food, Identity, and Power
FST 304 – Farm to Fork
FST 403/603 – The Human Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition
LSA 496/696 – Food System Planning and Design

Urban and Built Environment

ARC 222 – Building Systems Design I
ARC 322 – Building Systems Design II
ARC 423/623- Advanced Building Systems
CEN 400/600-Envir Risk Assess & Toxicology
CIE 341 – Introduction to Environmental Engineering
CIE 400- Urban Infrastructure
CIE 442 – Treatment Processes in Environmental Engineering
CIE 457/657 – Biogeochemistry
CIE 463/663 – Introduction to Sustainable Engineering

Environmental Economics, Policy, or  Management

IRP 403 – Global Issues
PAF 451 – Environmental Policy
CIE 400-Environmental Risk Assessment& Toxicology

Also PROGRAMS they might consider, such as

Integrated Learning Major: Energy and its Impacts

Environment and Society Minor

We also list upcoming EVENTS and keep a list of FACULTY with sustainability-related interests.

4. Encourage them to ACT sustainably.

We promote all kinds of solutions to waste issues, sustainable transportation, smart resource use, etc.

5. Let them know about job opportunities in sustainability.

Contact us!

EDUCATION (Rachel May:, x9726)

OPERATIONS (Melissa Cadwell:, x 9669)