Past Courses

This is a list of courses related to sustainability that might not be offered this semester but have been offered in the past and may be offered again. Roll over titles in gray for course descriptions. For courses offered this semester, click here.



Introductory Courses – sustainability focus

BIO 115 Ecological Problems and Society,
CIE 274 Sustainability in Civil and Environmental Systems
EAR 111 Climate Change Past and Present
ECS 200/500 What Color is your Energy?
EFB 120 The Global Environment and the Evolution of Human Society.
EST 132 Intro to Environmental Studies
FST 102 – Food Fights: Contemporary Food Issues
GEO 103 – Environment and Society
GEO 155 – The Natural Environment
GEO 203 Society and the Politics of Nature
GEO 354 American Environmental History and Geography,Prof. Robert Wilson

Introductory courses – some sustainability content

ARC 222 – Building Systems Design I
BIO 105 – Technology Inspired by Nature-Learning from the Natural World
CHE 109/119 Honors General Chemistry

DES 201 Design, cultural traditions and the environment
EAR 106 Environmental Geology, Prof. Laura Lautz
EAR 117 Oceanography, D. Curewitz
EAR 203 Earth System Science, G. Hoke
EAR 205 Water and our Environment, D. Siegel
EDI 148 Environmental Design Issues. Prof Dennis Earle
GEO 215 Global Environmental Change
HPM 115 Food Science, K. Johnson
HPM 214 Menu Development
MAX 132 Global Community 

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Advanced Courses – sustainability focus

ANT 465 – Critical Issues in Medical Anthropology

ANT 479 – Anthropology of Global Transformations

BIO 415 Conservation Biology
CRS 377 Communication, Nature, and Sustainability
ECN 437 Environmental and Resource Economics
ECS 354 Green Technology and Sustainability, Prof. Eric Lui
ECS 400/600 Introduction to Sustainable Engineering, C. Davidson

FST 300 – Selected Topics: Food and Society

FST 304 – Farm to Fork

FST 307 – Feeding the World: Global Agri-Food Governance

FST 403/603 – The Human Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition

FST 406 – Philosophy and Practice of Locavorism

GEO 415 – Food: A Critical Geography
GEO 353 Geographies of Environmental Justice, Prof. Thomas Perreault
GEO 356 Environmental Ideas and Policy
GEO 606 Development and Sustainability, Prof. Farhana Sultana
ISD 561 Sustainable Furniture and Lighting Workshop, Prof. Zeke Leonard
LPP/SHR 450 – Sustainable enterprise
PAF 351 Global Social Problems, Prof. Allan Mazur
PSC 302 Environmental Politics and Policy, Prof. Sarah Pralle
REL 395 Religions and the Natural Environment, Prof. Ann Gold

Advanced Courses – some sustainability content

ANT 479 Anthropology of global transformations, H. Buechler
BIO 345 Ecology and Evolution, Prof. J.Fridley, W. Cooper
BIO 451 Ecology, Prof. Doug Frank
CIE 341 Intro to Environmental Engineering, Prof. D. Chandler
CIE 475 Civil and Environmental Engineering Design
CIE/MAE 588 Principles of Wind Turbines
EAR 305 Earth Science of Energy, C. Scholz
EAR 345 Global Change: The Geologic Record, Prof. Henry Mullins
EDI 353 Environmental Factors (formerly ISD 353 Architectural Systems for Designers)
FCH 496 Intro to Atmospheric Sciences, H. Mao
GEO 316 River environments, P. Gao
GEO 317 Geography of Mountain Environments, Prof. Tom Perreault
GEO 319 Cold Environments, S. Millar
GEO 347/HOA 482 Art and Environment in American Culture since 1800, L. Castaneda
GEO 354 American Environmental History and Geography, R. Wilson
GEO 374 Environment and Development in the Global South, Prof. F. Sultana
GEO 455 Biogeography, J. Bendix
HTW 303, Community and Environmental Health, Prof. Maureen Thompson
MES 367 Oil, Water, and War, Prof. Sean Miskell
PAF 451 Environmental Policy, Prof. Allan Mazur
PHI 394 Environmental Ethics
PHY 305 Solar Energy Science and Architectures
PHY 398 Junior Seminar in Energy and its Impacts
PSC 318 Technology, Politics, and Environment, Prof. W.H. Lambright
NAT/REL 348 Religion and American consumerism, P. Arnold

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Courses at SUNY-ESF

SU students can take courses at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, where sustainability themes run throughout the curriculum. Departments include Bioprocess Engineering (BPE), Biotechnology (BTC), Construction Management and Engineering (CME), Communications (CMN), Environmental and Forest Biology (EFB), Environmental Science [Graduate] (ENS), Environmental and Resource Engineering (ERE), Environmental Science (ESC), Environmental Studies (EST), Environmental Writing Program (EWP), Chemistry (FCH), Forestry [Resource Management] (FOR), Forest technology (FTC), Landscape Architecture (LSA), and Paper Science and Engineering (PSE).

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