Green Living on Campus

Learn what is recyclable and use the proper disposal containers. Host a Zero Waste Event. (PDF)
Use Less Paper

Go paperless. Pay stubs, newsletters and meeting agendas can all be done electronically.

Use double-sided and black-and-white default settings for all printers and copiers.

Conserve Energy

Turn off the lights when you leave a room.

Use a smart power strip for your electronics and chargers. Smart power strips only supply electricity to devices actively in use. If you don’t have a smart power strip, use a regular one but turn it off when your electronics are fully charged, when you’re not actually using your devices and when you leave for the day.

Purchase Energy Star office equipment and use the power-saving settings. This applies to copiers, fax machines and printers. 

Measure your impact!

Campus Energy Resources

If you work on campus, remember to report energy waste, rooms too hot or cold and water leaks to your Maintenance Zone. Fill out Physical Plant Service Request to report any issues that you find on campus. If you live on campus please report these issues to the Housing and Food Services Maintenance Zone.

The established temperature guidelines are:
68 °F during the heating season (September 15 – May 15)
76 °F during the cooling season (May 16 – September 14)

Need a special heating or cooling schedule for a building/room because of a change in use, occupancy or an upcoming special event?
Please schedule in advance using our online Advance Heating and Cooling Schedule Request form or call 315.443.1535.


Are you a staff member or faculty member who would like to volunteer to help during a special event or program? Or do you want to learn about sustainability related events and documentaries? Sign up for our Sustain Campus listserv by emailing your request to, subject line: Add to Sustain Campus Listserv.


If you are a student who wants to become more involved with campus sustainability visit the Students Groups page to learn more about them.  If you don’t have time to formally join a student group, but still want to be involved, join the Green Student listserv and receive emails  about events and programs happening on campus, along with volunteer opportunities.  Join by sending an email to, subject line: Add to Green Student Listserv.