Campus as Lab Grants

CALS Sponsored Projects

2018-2019 Awards

  • Prof. Don Carr (School of Design) and ESF Student, Andrew Lunetta, to build tiny home prototype on campus
  • Prof. Jeongmin Ahn (Engineering), to design a safer, more efficient, low cost battery for electric vehicles
  • Engineering student Caitlin Eger, to use emerging geophysical technologies and drones to map near-surface campus hydrology to determine locations on campus that would benefit from green stormwater infrastructure installations or retrofits.
  • Prof. Philip P. Arnold (Arts and Sciences), to develop two day workshop that aim to develop curricular materials on their sustainability learnings

2017-2018 Awards

  • Engineering students Alex Johnson, Yige Yang, and David Zheng, to evaluate the water and energy performance of the Syracuse Center of Excellence green roof;
  • Prof. Bess Krietemeyer (Architecture) and Jason Dedrick (iSchool), to map the lighting on campus and assess its effectiveness at providing illumination and safety;
  • Prof. Tarek Rakha (Architecture) and Prof. Selem Velipasalar (Engineering) to test drone technology for measuring heat loss from buildings on South Campus;
  • Professor of Practice Svetoslava Todorova (Engineering), for a student engagement project about water and energy use in residence halls;
  • Legal writing professor Emily Brown (Law), to create a public database of legal summaries of Federal laws and proposals related to climate change.

2016-2017 Awards

  • Prof. Steve Chapin and Prof. Peter Wilcoxen, for an electric vehicle lab;
  • Prof. Amber Bartosh and Prof.. Mark Povinelli, for a virtual reality simulation about energy awareness;
  • Prof. Jeongmin Ahn, to research membrane technology to reduce GHG emissions;
  • Grad student Kristina Gutchess, to evaluate water and salt runoff on campus;
  • Prof. Jason Fridley and Prof. Doug Frank, to study carbon cycling in plants;
  • Grad students Hugh O. Burnham and Adam Fix, to develop an oral history of climate activism at SU


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