The Grounds Department assists in Syracuse University’s sustainability efforts in a number of ways. Staff members:Big Belly

  • transport over 380 tons of food scraps annually to OCRRA’s Compost Facility.
  • recycle construction debris from renovations and remodeling performed by Physical Plant.
  • maintain storm drains, Waverly Ave Rain Garden and three green roofs to allow free flow of water runoff. Green roofs are located at Brockway Garage, Sadler Dining and the Syracuse Center of Excellence.
  • maintain ‘forever wild’ areas at South Campus to reduce mowing and preserve habitat.
  • recycle all campus yard and tree waste at OCRRA’s Jamesville facility.
  • relocate all vegetation that is displaced during construction projects.
  • maintain campus tree inventory.
  • select and establish beds of native and salt-resistant plants where appropriate.