Electronic Waste

The term “electronic waste” is applied to a wide range of products which require different types of processing at the end of their useful lives. Specific types of e-waste for which recycling is available on campus include:

For University employees

  • Batteries
    • There should be at least one battery collection bucket per floor of your building. Buckets are often located near hallway recycling receptacles. If there is no bucket on your floor, call the main number for the Environmental Health Office (EHO) at 443-4132.
  • Printer/copier cartridges
    • If your office supply vendor offers a mail-back program for empty cartridges, save the original carton and use the shipping label provided inside to return the cartridge to the vendor.
    • Corporate Express customers can give empty cartridges to the driver the next time an order is delivered.
    • Materials Distribution accepts cartridges of any type, regardless of whether or not they were purchased from Central Stores. Use the ship form at http://mdoos.syr.edu/shipform.asp to submit an online request for cartridge pickup. Include the number of cartridges in the description field. Cartridges must be in boxes.
  • Durable electronic equipment (computers, etc.) owned by the University
    • Contact the Purchasing Department for help in arranging to either: (a) re-sell working equipment through the Excess Property Disposal Program, or (b) recycle broken items through the University’s e-waste disposal contract.
    • Note: Equipment must be data-sanitized (hard drive wiped) by an information technology support person prior to sale or transfer. For more information, see the University policy on Data Removal from Computers and Portable Electronic Devices at http://supolicies.syr.edu/it/data_removal.htm.

For students

  • Batteries
    • Drop them in the battery collection bucket at the main desk area of any residence hall. You can also find collection buckets in classroom buildings.
  • Imagine It collection bins are in place in Carnegie library and Bird library’s first floor recycling room for students to drop-off their e-waste that include:
    • Printer Cartridges
    • PDA’s
    • Cell Phones
    • MP3’s
    • Digital Cameras
    • Laptops
    • Camcorders
    • GPS devices
    • Satellite Radios
    • DVD Players
    • USB Memory Keys
    • Gaming Devices
    • External Hard Drives