Second Round of University Funding Announced for Projects to Reduce Energy Use, Promote Sustainability
March 7, 2017
The SU Campus as a Laboratory for Sustainability (CALS) program is offering up to $75,000 for faculty or student projects that advance the University’s goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, directly or indirectly, and raising awareness on campus about climate disruption and environmental sustainability. Funds will become available May 15. Syracuse University faculty and students from any discipline are invited to apply. Read More

University Kicks Off 2017 Recyclemania Competition
February 2, 2017
Syracuse University is once again participating in the 2017 RecycleMania Collegiate Recycling Competition, which aims to promote waste reduction and recycling activities on campuses across the United States and Canada. The competition starts February 5 and runs through April 1. The results will be announced in April. Winning schools will receive an award made out of recyclable materials and will host a special traveling trophy for this year. Read More

Campus Becomes a Laboratory for Sustainability Research and Education
January 26, 2017
Six faculty and student projects will receive grants totaling $50,000 this spring through the new Campus as a Laboratory for Sustainability (CALS) funding program. The call for proposals sought projects that address climate disruption and offer opportunities for communication and outreach to the campus and wider community. Funding for the grants comes from the Syracuse University Climate Action Plan. As energy efficiency efforts have been implemented in recent years, some of the savings have gone into a fund to support CALS grants now and in future years, on the theory that research and education about ways the campus interacts with climate and energy will only serve to enhance the University’s sustainability efforts. Read More