Student Digital Sketchbooks: POWER ENERGY CLIMATE

On Tuesday, April 5th, students across New York state joined a national dialog about our energy future. The goal was to promote discussions on climate actions needed to meet US commitments made in Paris. The core of the Sketchbook Dialog included Architecture students sharing in-progress Energy in the Landscape design projects as part of Susan Dieterlen’s Studio|Next: Building the Post-Carbon city, and Design students from Dianna Miller’s industrial design course. Students presented their work one-to-one or in small groups from laptops and tablets.
Following the student event, State level climate actions were highlighted via a webinar streamed from UAlbany. Richard Kauffman, Chairman of Energy and Finance for New York State and member of the Governor’s Executive Cabinet, and Jared Snyder, Deputy Commissioner for the Office of Air Resources, Climate Change and Energy at the Department of Environmental Conservation, gave presentations and engaged in dialog with students.
The webcast can be viewed here.
Professor Dieterlen is working on an online repository for student work in progress. Please take a look and feel free to provide constructive feedback to students. This website is also serving as a pilot for future digital reviews of student work, so if you have any input on it, positive or negative, please email Prof. Dieterlen at