Application Form – CALS

Please use this form to apply for funding under the Campus as a Laboratory for Sustainability program. The deadline is April 10, 2017. If you are unable to submit via the form, send your materials directly to Rachel May (, including all relevant information.

Project title (required)

Principal Investigator (Name, Department, School or College) (required)

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Collaborators (Name, Department, School or College)

Amount of Funds Requested ($500-$75,000) (required)

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Include what aspect of the campus Sustainability Plan this project addresses, what informed the project idea, how the project integrates with academic work (if applicable), specifically how the work will impact the campus (cost savings, improved efficiency, resource conservation, culture change, communications, etc.), how impact will be measured, and how results will be shared with the campus community.


The project description should include the following information:
--Goals and Expected Outcomes: what problem does this project aim to address? What will be different after the project is done?
--Background: How does the problem relate to climate disruption and environmental sustainability? Does this project build upon a previous
initiative and, if so, how does it advance and enhance that effort? As appropriate, explain how it will address major components of the Climate
Action Plan ( Applicants may also wish to address the funding priorities laid out in section A.3. of the RFP. Indicate if you expect to apply for outside funding in future years and what sources of such funding might be.
--Methods and Approach: What do you propose to do? Be specific.
--Personnel: Who will perform what tasks? What is the relevant expertise of the personnel? How much time does each person expect to devote to
the project?
--Outreach or Communication Plan: (Give specifics to at least one of the following questions) How will the results be disseminated on campus? How will the
project contribute to campus-wide understanding of the relevant issues? What other outreach or education activities do you plan to implement?

Attach pdf with PROJECT DESCRIPTION (2 pages Max)


Download the Timeline and Budget form here Please refer to the Funding Restrictions listed in section C of the RFP.

Attach pdf of TIMELINE and BUDGET form


Attach pdf of CV of project leader (2 pp. max.)

Attach pdf of CV of additional key personnel (optional - 2 pp. max.) If more than one additional CV, please e-mail them to

§ Complete this Application Form
§ Attach Detailed Project Description
§ Attach Timeline and Budget form
§ Attach CV of primary investigator and main collaborator