Students who would like a recycling bin in their room can request one by reaching out to the building custodial supervisor or by calling Facilities Services at 315.443.1234.


Drop batteries in the collection bucket at the main desk area of your residence hall. You can also find collection buckets in classroom buildings. For more information on recycling batteries on campus, click here.

Electronic Equipment

The University Bookstore offers a Device Trade-In Program where students can sell their old equipment for bookstore credit. To learn more about CuseTech, click here.

C.D.s and D.V.D.s

Sell used and unwanted C.D.s and D.V.D.s at The Sound Garden in Armory Square or recycle by mail at Back Thru the Future, CD Recycling Center of America, or Greendisk.

Small Appliances

Syracuse University's Ten Tons of Love is scheduled at the end of each semester and accepts working appliances.

CFL Light Bulbs

Call the Environmental Health and Safety Services at 443.9132 (Hazardous Waste Operations Manager) or 443.4132 (main desk) to arrange a waste pick up. Incandescent light bulbs can be placed in the waste receptacle.


The Syracuse University Bookstore will buy back many texts regardless of where they were purchased. For more information visit

Recycle softcover books such as paperbacks, phone books, manuals, workbooks, notebooks, etc. in both on-campus recycling receptacles and on-campus blue bins. Remove any spiral wire or plastic binding. Please do not recycle hard cover books, but consider donating them instead.