Syracuse University’s Climate Action Plan expresses the goal that “exposure to sustainability issues becomes part of each graduate’s experience.” Through a combination of courses across the curriculum, faculty development programs, and extensive co-curricular programming, a high percentage of students encounter issues central to sustainability during their time on campus or in study abroad.

Sustainability includes the triad of environmental stewardship, social and economic justice, and a thriving, efficient economy. Many world-class programs at Syracuse University contribute courses that further sustainability education, some with an environmental focus (sustainable enterprise, energy and its impacts, environmental design, food studies, and the geography of “nature, society, and sustainability”) and some that concentrate more on social and economic issues (inclusive education, citizenship and civic engagement, and disability studies, for example).

Syracuse University is committed to using its campus as a laboratory for sustainability. A grant program encourages students and faculty to pursue projects that advance campus and local sustainability, with funds from savings realized through campus energy efficiency projects.

Sustainability Management also offers internships for class credit. We have worked with a wide array of students from differing programs, but have always been able to develop an internship that meets each students needs while benefiting the University’s sustainability goals. Learn more by visiting our Student Opportunities page.