A listing of faculty experts at SU on climate change and environmental sustainability. Since the concept of sustainability also includes broad challenges like global poverty and inequality, links to additional Centers and Institutes at Syracuse University that engage in sustainability-related research can be found below.

Global resource use and consumption

Philip Arnold, Religion
A. Peter Castro, Anthropology
Matthew Huber, Geography
Thomas Perreault, Geography
Mark Ritchie, Biology
Farhana Sultana, Geography
Robert Wilson, Geography

Energy and climate change

Sherburne Abbott, Sustainability Science and Policy
Jeongmin Ahn,
Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Ben Akih-Kumgeh, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Jesse Bond, Chemical Engineering
Mark Braiman, Chemistry
A. Peter Castro, Anthropology
David Chandler, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Cliff Davidson, Civil and Environmental Engineering (profile)
Jason Dedrick, iSchool
David Driesen, Law
Sara Eftekharnejad, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Ian Hosein, Biomedical and Chemical Engineering
Matthew Huber, Geography
Christophier Junium, Earth Sciences
Zunli Lu, Earth Sciences
Mathew Maye, Chemistry
Jane Read, Geography
Christopher Scholz, Earth Sciences
Donald Siegel, Earth Sciences
Peter Wilcoxen, Economics and Public Administration
Teng Zeng, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Environmental systems

David Althoff, Biology
Amber Bartosh, Architecture
Katie Becklin, Biology
Jake Bendix, Geography
Charles Driscoll, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Douglas Frank, Biology
Jason Fridley, Biology
Peng Gao, Geography
Melissa Green, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Roger Hubeli Architecture
Chris Johnson, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Christa Kelleher Earth Sciences
Bess Krietemeyer, Architecture
Laura Lautz, Earth Sciences
Zunli Lu, Earth Sciences
Susan Millar, Geography
Young Moon, Environmental Engineering
Daekwon Park Architecture
Jane Read, Geography
Baris Salman, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Christopher Scholz, Earth Sciences
Yutaka Sho Architecture
Timothy Stenson, Architecture
Svetoslava Todorova, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Economic and social analysis for policy

Sherburne Abbott, Sustainability Science and Policy
Anne Bellows,
 Falk College
William Coplin, Public Affairs
A. Peter Castro, Anthropology
David Driesen, Law
W. Henry Lambright, Public Administration and Inernational Affairs and Political Science
Arthur Paris, Sociology
Sarah Pralle, Political Science
Peter Wilcoxen, Economics and Public Administration
Robert Wilson, Geography

Technological and Business solutions

David Althoff, Biology
Shobha Bhatia,
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Donald Carr, Industrial Design
Can Isik, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
H. Ezzat Khalifa, Mechannical and Aerospace Engineering
Gary LaPoint, Whitman School
Todd Moss, Whitman School
Patrick Penfield, Whitman School
Andria Costello Staniec, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Radhakrishna “Suresh” Sureshkumar, Biomedical and Chemical Engineering

Social, cultural, and behavioral issues and communications

Philip Arnold, Religion
Anne Bellows, Falk College
Richard Buttny, Communication and Rhetorical Studies
A. Peter Castro, Anthropology
Zeke Leonard, Interior Design
Sarah McCoubrey, Painting
Susannah Sayler, Transmedia
Maureen Thompson, Health and Wellness

Food and Water issues

Anne Bellows, Falk College
A. Peter Castro, Anthropology
David Chandler, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Charles Driscoll, Engineering
Christa Kelleher Earth Sciences
Laura Lautz, Earth Sciences
Brian Lonsway, Architecture
Thomas Perreault, Geography
Sudha Raj, Public Health, Food Studies, and Nutrition
Farhana Sultana, Geography
Rick Welsh, Public Health, Food Studies, and Nutrition
Jennifer Wilkins, Public Health, Food Studies, and Nutrition

Faculty in Related Centers and Institutes at Syracuse University:

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The Burton Blatt Institute (Disability Studies)

Community Development Law Clinic

Community Geography at Syracuse

Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion

Maxwell School Center for Policy Research