Sustainability Management Guest Speaker

We hope you will help us introduce your students to sustainability at SU.

1. Invite us to your class!

Melissa Cadwell is available to present on

The Campus and You – a Jeopardy Game

Recycling and Waste

2. Encourage students to get involved.

Students of Sustainability at Syracuse University (SOS) and Brainfeeders have been very active in recent years, doing exciting projects on and near campus.

Find other student groups here.

3. Suggest they study sustainability.

Our website lists COURSES they can take. Some highlights this semester are

Also PROGRAMS they might consider, such as

Integrated Learning Major: Energy and its Impacts

Environment and Society Minor

We also list upcoming EVENTS and keep a list of FACULTY with sustainability-related interests.

4. Encourage them to ACT sustainably.

We promote all kinds of solutions to waste issues, sustainable transportation, smart resource use, etc.

5. Let them know about job opportunities in sustainability.

Contact us!

EDUCATION (Rachel May: , x9726)

OPERATIONS (Melissa Cadwell: , x 9669)