Green Living in Residence Halls


Learn what is recyclable and use the blue bin provided in your room.

Sell back your used text books to the bookstore.

Any cellphones can be sold to the bookstore. Learn more here.

Use Less Paper

Only print when necessary. Talk to your professor about using a submission link on Blackboard.

If printing is a must, extend paper margins and consider printing either single spaced or 1.5 spaced instead of double spaced. 

Use double-sided and black-and-white default settings for all printers and copiers.


Choose Sustainable Transportation

Walking is a great alternative and great for you!

Bike to campus or consider utilizing a bike-share program, such as Gotcha! throughout the City of Syracuse. 

Use the SUBus App in the SU Mobile app to determine bus routes and schedules on campus.

Use Less Water

Low flow shower heads have been added to the Residence Halls. Take shorter showers. Turn the water off when brushing your teeth.

Use Less Energy

Turn off the lights when you leave a room.

Use a smart power strip for your electronics and chargers. Smart power strips only supply electricity to devices actively in use. If you don’t have a smart power strip, use a regular one but turn it off when your electronics are fully charged, when you’re not actually using your devices and when you leave for the day.

Purchase Energy Star equipment. This applies to televisions, tablets, audio and video, laptops and printers. 

Use CFL or LED light bulbs. 

Unplug high energy items, such as your microwave and refrigerator, when leaving for extended periods of time. 


Use Reusable Items

Use a reusable water bottle instead of using a single use water. There are water bottle filling stations in every building on campus. 

Buy reusable dishware (especially utensils and straws). Glass and stainless steel are great eco-conscience alternatives.

Purchase a book bag that will last four+ years during your time at Syracuse University.  


Join the Green Student Listserv for more information about sustainability on campus!