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Include start date and date you expect to conclude the project. If this is a multi-year project, be sure to include in the project description your plan for securing funding to continue or complete the project. For exceptionally successful or promising projects, it may be possible to receive CALS funding more than once, but this is not guaranteed. In the timeline, indicate a preferred date for submitting a progress report (approx. halfway through). A final report will be due one month after completion of the grant.

I agree to participate in the campus-wide symposium, schedule permitting, or to delegate participation to someone else on my team.


Describe how the project relates to the Program Priorities in part C of the RFP. Refer to application requirements in part D of the RFP.
Include a detailed budget (an editable budget template and instructions are available here).
Include a 2-page CV for the PI and additional CVs for other key personnel.

Attach a single pdf file with PROJECT DESCRIPTION, BUDGET, and CV(s)