Syracuse University Food Services (SUFS) collects pre- and post- consumer organic waste and diverts it from the general waste stream, sending it to Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency’s (OCRRA’s) compost facility. The organic material comes from SUFS’s five dining centers, cash operations, catering facility and production kitchen. Through composting, the University diverts approximately 600 ton of organic material each year. The organic material is delivered to OCRRA’s composting facility where it is made into material useful for improving soil.

An on-site office composting program is currently operating at the Syracuse Center of Excellence. Want to learn how to start your own office composting program? Check out “A Guide to Office Composting” (pdf, 1.3MB), presented by the Environmental Finance Center at Syracuse University.

To learn more about composting in Onondaga County, please visit OCRRA’s Food Waste Composting site.