Faculty and Staff


There should be at least one battery collection bucket per floor of your building. Buckets are often located near hallway recycling receptacles. If there is not bucket on your floor, call the Environmental Health and Safety Services (EHHS) at 443-6545. For more information on the recycling of batteries on campus, click here.

Printer/Copier Cartridges

Materials Distribution accepts cartridges of any type, regardless of whether or not they are purchased on campus. Call Materials Distribution at 443.3172 to arrange a pickup for your ink cartridge.

Some vendors offer a mail-back program for empty cartridges. Simply save the original carton and use the shipping label provided inside to return the cartridge to the vendor.


Staples and paperclips do not need to be removed from paper before recycling. However, paperclips can be reused which conserves resources.

For office cleans outs with large amounts of confidential paperwork, please contact Materials Distribution at 443.3172 to arrange for mass shredding. The shredded paper is also recycled. Guidelines for purging office files can be found here.

CFL Light bulbs

Call the Environmental Health and Safety Services at 443-9132 (Hazardous Waste Operations Manager) or 443-4132 (main desk) to arrange a waste pickup. Incandescent light bulbs can be placed in the waste receptacle.

Kitchen Appliances

If your office has kitchen appliances that are no longer in need and/or working order, contact Physical Plant to schedule a pick up.

Electronic Equipment

All electronic equipment owned by the University can be picked up by your department's ITS representative.