Who We Are

Sustainability efforts at Syracuse University are coordinated by the Sustainability Management team in the office of Energy Systems and Sustainability Management (ESSM).

The University also has a Campus Sustainability Committee. This committee is comprised of faculty, staff and students and meets twice a semester to review and discuss sustainable initiatives on campus. Another group of faculty oversees the Campus as a Lab for Sustainability (CALS) program.

The Syracuse Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems and the Environmental Finance Center (and Center for Sustainable Community Solutions) are key partners in sustainability research and outreach at Syracuse University.


Sustainability Management Team

Nathan Prior, Director of Energy Systems and Sustainability Management

Melissa Cadwell, Sustainability Coordinator

Meg Lowe, Sustainability Coordinator

Riley Higgins, Student Intern ’20
Majors: Biotechnology and Environment, Sustainability, and Policy
Sustainability Interests: Protecting natural environments and pollinator species

Bea Fry, Student Intern ’20
International Relations and Food Studies
Sustainability interests: Sustainable Global Food Systems

Sophia Luna, Student Intern ’22
Major: Environmental Engineering
Sustainability Interests: water resources, urban environmental life


List of SU Faculty with an interest in sustainability research/teaching

List of Student Groups with an interest in sustainability