Syracuse University, IBM, New York State launch one of the world’s greenest data centers
December 2009
Syracuse University, with partners IBM and New York State, today celebrated the construction of its new Green Data Center (GDC)—a showcase of world-class innovations in advanced energy-efficient information technology and building systems. GDC announced in late May 2009 and constructed in just over six months, the $12.4 million, 12,000-square-foot facility (6,000 square feet of infrastructure space and 6,000 square feet of raised-floor data center space) uses an innovative on-site power generation system for electricity, heating and cooling, and incorporates IBM’s latest energy-efficient servers, computer-cooling technology and system management software. Read More

SU and Le Moyne come together to host first Green Campus Challenge Gathering
November 20, 2009
On Friday, Nov. 6, Le Moyne College and Syracuse University hosted the first annual Green Campus Challenge Gathering (GCCG) on the Le Moyne campus. The event was designed as a micro-conference for regional higher education sustainability professionals. Participants from 28 colleges and universities within a 100-mile radius of Syracuse came to share their experiences, successes, concerns and ideas in a selection of facilitated discussion sessions. Read More

November 2009
The Sustainability Division and The New House Student-Run Advertising Agency has teamed up to bring awareness and requests your help and support for the Copenhagen Conference through signing the Hopenhagen petition. The focus of Hopenhagen is to influence the decisions made at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen on December 7, 2009. Read More

New ‘Lights Out’ campaign Kicks off SU’s Climate Action Plan by supporting efficient light use
October 16, 2009
Syracuse University students looking for a way to combine their green, sustainable conscience with their creative, artistic side can enter the “Lights Out” sticker contest to contribute to SU’s goal of climate neutrality, as outlined in its recently released Climate Action Plan. The New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) and SU’s Sustainability Division have teamed up to launch a contest in which students compete to design stickers that remind students, faculty and staff to turn off the lights if they are the last to leave a classroom, if they leave their room/office for more than 10 minutes, or if they leave for the day. Read More

SU Again Receives Strong Marks in Sustainability from Sustainable Endowments Institute
October 8, 2009
In recognition of Syracuse University’s continuing engagement with the world as a leader in promoting and practicing sustainability, the Sustainable Endowments Institute has again given the University strong marks in its 2010 College Sustainability Report Card. According to the institute’s 2010 Report Card, SU earned an overall grade of “B”—a grade higher than last year. Read More

University Community Harvest Farmers’ Markets series concludes Oct. 9
October 7, 2009
The third annual University Community Harvest Farmers’ Market series will conclude on Friday, Oct. 9. The final market in the 2009 season will be held from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. in the Waverly parking lot on the corner of Waverly and South Crouse avenues. Free parking is available in the University Avenue Parking Garage. For more information, call 443-3608 or visit https://news.syr.edu/farmersmarket. Read More

SU Receives Strong Marks in Sustainability Practices from Sustainable Endowments Institute
October 2009
Syracuse University has been named one of the Campus Sustainability Leaders among higher education institutions in the United States and Canada, earning high marks for its efforts to create a more sustainable college environment and encourage renewable energy usage, according to a report issued by the Sustainable Endowments Institute. As noted in the institute’s “College Sustainability Report Card,” SU earned top grades in the categories of “Administration” and “Climate Change & Energy.” In earning an “A” in each of these categories, the University is recognized for its implementation of several administrative committees addressing campus sustainability issues — including an energy council, a utility committee and a building sustainability committee — and the hiring of a manager and staff to oversee energy conservation efforts on campus. In the “Climate Change & Energy” category, SU is lauded for its $1.8 million investment in energy efficiency; a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification policy for all new building and renovation projects; and the purchase of renewable energy credits equal to 22,000 megawatt-hours of small-hydro and wind energy, making Syracuse the seventh-largest higher education purchaser of renewable energy in the country. Read More

Nickel Deposits on Bottled Water in NY to take effect Oct. 31, 2009
October 2009
In a win for the environment, New York will expand its deposit laws to include water bottles starting Oct. 31. A five-cent surcharge will be added to the cost of each water bottle sold, which customers can then return to stores for a refund. Read More

Grand Opening of JPMorgan Chase Technology Center at SU Celebrated
October 2009
JPMorgan Chase and Syracuse University marked the grand opening today of the JPMorgan Chase Technology Center at SU, an on-campus facility where students and faculty will work side-by-side with bank employees conducting research and running global technology operations. SU Chancellor and President Nancy Cantor, JPMorgan Chase Chief Administrative Officer and Operating Committee Member Frank Bisignano and New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver were among those who cut the ceremonial ribbon to officially open the facility, an important centerpiece of the unique corporate-university collaboration established by JPMorgan Chase and SU in June 2007. Read More

University Community Harvest Farmers’ Markets series continues Sept. 25
September 24, 2009
The third annual University Community Harvest Farmers’ Market series will continue Friday, Sept. 25, from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. in the Waverly parking lot on the corner of Waverly and South Crouse avenues. Free parking is available in the University Avenue Parking Garage. For more information, call 443-3608. Read More

Syracuse University announces historic plan to achieve climate neutrality
September 15, 2009
Syracuse University has released its Climate Action Plan (CAP), an institutional blueprint and timeline for becoming climate neutral. Today, SU submitted its CAP to the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), which serves as the executive agent for the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment (ACUPCC), of which Chancellor and President Nancy Cantor and SU was a charter signatory in 2007. Read More

University Community Harvest Farmers’ Markets to be held in September and October
September 7, 2009
The third annual University Community Harvest Farmers’ Market series will continue in September and October. Markets are planned for four Fridays: Sept. 11, 18 and 25 and Oct. 9, from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. in the Waverly parking lot. For more information, call 443-3608. Read More

Sustainability at the Dinner Table
September 2009
Fall is one of my favorite seasons. The days are growing cooler, the leaves are starting to turn color, and the Community Harvest Farmers’ Markets at Syracuse University are in full swing on Fridays. In this edition of Sustainable News, I invite you to come along with me as I take a trip to the market. If you have not had the chance to visit the market, perhaps this edition will inspire you to make your own visit to one of the upcoming markets, which run 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on October 2 and 9. As I begin my visit to the market, the first thing I notice is that the ordinary parking lot on the corner of Waverly and South Crouse Avenues is transformed by the shoppers, tents and colorful displays of local produce and other goods. I don’t want to miss anything, so, I start out by wandering from booth to booth. As I chat with vendors and look over the bounty they have brought, I realize that from this one place, I can purchase nearly everything I need to create a delicious dinner for my friends and family. The meal will not only be fun to cook and share, but will also support our local farmers and vendors, which is a choice that lies at the heart of sustainable living. Read More

Mug Club
September 2009
Syracuse University Food Services (SUFS) has proven it is easy to be sustainable while providing top rated service to its customers. Many efforts are underway in our award winning dining operations. Purchasing products locally, whenever possible, either directly from the producer or through local distributors cuts down on the miles a product has to travel to our campus. Some of the vendors providing locally grown or produced food items include Beak & Skiff, Ramona’s Dressings, Paul deLima, Hofmann Sausage Co., Byrne Dairy, and Crowley Yogurt to name a few. Recently we partnered with Allens Produce, a local produce company that grows, cultivates, freezes, and packages vegetables that are locally grown. Read More

Sustainable Enterprise Partnership announces certificate of advanced study in sustainable enterprise
August 19, 2009
Graduate students at Syracuse University and the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF) can now earn an advanced credential in sustainability offered through the Sustainable Enterprise Partnership (SEP) that will provide them with the knowledge needed to address the economic, environmental, technical and social challenges facing enterprises seeking to achieve sustainable operations and practices. Read More

Defining Moment
July 2009
“Going green,” “eco-friendly,” and “sustainability” are words and phrases that have been popping up everywhere from the evening news to corporate press releases. Here at the University, we have a policy in place that begins: “As it engages with the world, Syracuse University will continue as a leader in promoting and practicing sustainability. The University defines sustainability as balancing the needs and aspirations of the present with the preservation of choices for the future.” But are we all clear about the definition of sustainability and related terms? What do we really mean when we tell others we are going green, using eco-friendly products, or getting on board with sustainability? To help clarify those definitions and make sure we are all on the same page, I decided to do a little Internet investigation. Read More

2009 University Community Harvest Farmers’ Market continue this fall
June 4, 2009
The third annual University Community Harvest Farmers’ Market series continues this fall. Presented by Syracuse University and the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and open to the public, this year’s markets will feature a wide variety of locally grown fruits, vegetables and plants; snacks; condiments; ceramics; and other handmade items. There will also be educational literature on healthy eating, sustainable practices and organic farming… Read More

First 2009 University Community Harvest Farmers’ Market to be held June 12
June 2, 2009
The third annual University Community Harvest Farmers’ Market series will kick off on Friday, June 12. The first market of the 2009 season will be held that day from 11 a.m.-3 p.m., during SU’s Strawberry Festival, in the Q3 parking lot adjacent to the Quad. Free parking will be available in the Booth Garage, the University Avenue Garage and West Campus lots. Read More

University Community Harvest Farmers’ Market
June 2009
Syracuse University and the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry will continue their third annual University Community Harvest Farmers’ Market series in September. Markets are planned for four Fridays: Sept. 11, 18 and 25 and Oct. 9, from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. in the Waverly parking lot. Free parking will be available in the University Avenue Garage. This year’s markets will feature a wide variety of locally grown fruits, vegetables and plants; snacks; condiments; ceramics; and other handmade items. There will also be educational literature on healthy eating, sustainable practices and organic farming. Read More

One Person’s Trash is Another’s Treasure
June 2009
In our April edition on spring cleaning, we recommended setting aside unwanted items for sale or donation. If you have a collection of such items, summer is the perfect time to decide what to do with them. Are your discards in good condition, free from damage and excessive wear? Then why not give someone else a chance to buy them at a fraction of the original price—and put a little cash back in your own pocket? This is another opportunity to make a simple and sustainable choice that benefits you, your community, and the environment. You’ll keep waste out of the landfill or incinerator and perhaps even defer the need to expend energy resources on processing recyclables. Below are a few of my favorite ways to turn clutter into cash. Read More

Syracuse Record to Cease Production after May 18 issue
May 5, 2009
Following the May 18, 2009, issue (the 1,345th issue in its nearly 39-year history) the Syracuse Record will officially retire-an action in keeping with Syracuse University’s commitment to sustainability and in recognition of more efficient means available to inform the University community. A product of a different era, the Record predates many of the communications marvels that are now part of everyday life. When the publication debuted on Dec. 3, 1970, few outside of Defense Department researchers had an inkling of what’s now known as the Internet. All phones had cords, and ones used in public were found in booths. Desks had typewriters, not computers. Laptops didn’t exist. Neither did iPods or iTunes, or Facebook or YouTube, or Twitter, or instant messaging, or even e-mail. Read More

A Sustainable Summer Vacation
May 2009
It never fails: during the month of May, I start thinking about how my family and I will spend our summer vacation. This year, we decided to incorporate sustainability into our vacation plans. I know when I tell people we are taking a sustainable vacation they assume it is all about hiking or biking for miles or trekking across the Appalachian Mountains, but, these are extreme green vacations. What we are doing is incorporating sustainability whenever possible, into our vacation. A sustainable vacation is taking into account your eco-footprint and making as many socially responsible choices as possible, from deciding where to go and how to travel to choosing where to stay. Read More

Go Green-Eat Slow
March 24, 2009
On Wednesday, April 29, 2009 from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m., a “go green” themed, charitable food tasting event entitled “GO GREEN-EAT SLOW” will be taking place on the Syracuse University campus for the first time. GO GREEN-EAT SLOW will be held in the Waverly Parking Lot between University Place and South Crouse Avenue. GO GREEN-EAT SLOW is bringing together the campus community and others in the area to celebrate the importance of going green and eating slow, local foods. The event will host a variety of local farmers’ markets and restaurants from the surrounding areas of Marshall Street and Westcott Street. The farmers will be selling their seasonal product, while the restaurants will be serving sample-sized portions of a dish that they believe best showcases their restaurant. All participating restaurants work with local distributors to ensure that they are featuring local product as well. Read More

Molly Gallagher
March 22, 2009
The city of Syracuse intends to make the Near Westside neighborhood environmentally friendly, according to the Near Westside Initiative March, 2009, newsletter. The city wants to make this neighborhood sustainable by using green infrastructure, says the newsletter. Green infrastructure removes contamination from stormwater, so it can be reused. According to the newsletter, the infrastructure will cost less, because it will not use pipes to remove the stormwater. “Syracuse’s Near Westside is an area that needs a lot of help…it’s a neighborhood that has a lot to offer,” said Carissa Matthews, intern at the Syracuse Center of Excellence, which works to create sustainable jobs and innovations in Syracuse. Read More

SU announces ‘Irish Today, Green Forever’ program to promote recycling, reduce bottled water consumption
March 16, 2009
On Tuesday, March 17, Syracuse University’s Office of Residence Life, Residence Hall Association and Sustainability Division will launch the “Irish Today, Green Forever” program, designed to increase the sustainable behavior of the on-campus student population by increasing recycling tonnage in the residence halls and decreasing bottled water consumption on campus. This program is in response to increased student interest in sustainability and helping the campus become climate neutral. Through participation in this program, students can take an active role in the future of their campus and learn lifelong tools for use after graduation. Read More

SU Library’s Green Guide now available
March 13, 2009
Syracuse University Library’s Green Initiative Team has created the Green Library Guide, found at http://researchguides.library.syr.edu/greenlibrary, to provide information about green initiatives at the library. In addition to highlighting the library’s sustainability efforts, the guide includes links to national and international news about library-related green activities, an FAQ and a suggestion box. Read More

Syracuse University CarbonRally Everyone is a Winner
February 5, 2009
Syracuse University might have lost to the University of Notre Dame in a recent online competition to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere, but according to Melissa Cadwell, “We were winners.” Cadwell, marketing manager for the Sustainability Division of Energy and Computing Management at SU, spent part of last October planning how the division could raise awareness for the NBC-sponsored online carbon rally. For one month, starting Nov. 22, SU and Notre Dame students logged onto CarbonRally.com, where they could accept challenges that would significantly reduce carbon, Cadwell said. The Website suggested sharing a ride to work or school once a week, which would reduce carbon emissions by 26 pounds, or packing waste-free lunches every day for a month, a 44.6 pound reduction. Read More

The Recycling Symbol and You
February 2009
The recycling symbol is known worldwide and is seen in the media, found on recycling receptacles, and on product packaging. But how much do you really know about this common symbol? Dig a little deeper into its history and meaning with this issue of Sustainable News You Can Use. It started with a student competition over 30 years ago. With the rise of environmentalism and the first Earth Day on April 20, 1970, the Container Corporation of America, a large producer of recycled paper, saw an opportunity to raise environmental awareness. The company sponsored a nationwide environmental design contest for high school and college students. The winning entry was designed and submitted by Gary Anderson, an architecture student at the University of Southern California. The recycling symbol he created is now recognized worldwide. Read More

Parking and Transit Services
Parking and Transit Services has been working to offer greater services to the University community. In the last 18 months, we have been able to offer online permit renewal and purchases for faculty, staff and students. The automated system allows the customer to spend less time waiting. Parking is also now on Twitter. Register to receive tweets regarding bus services, changes in traffic or pick-up points, and anything else regarding parking that you need to know right away. Read More

SU Completes Greenhouse Gas Inventory
Syracuse University recently published its first-ever inventory of greenhouse gas emissions. This inventory shows the amount of carbon dioxide and five other gases that were released into the atmosphere as a result of SU’s operations for the years 2001-07. The six gases inventoried include all major contributors to global warming, as specified in the Kyoto Protocol. SU completed this inventory in partial fulfillment of its obligations under the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment, of which Chancellor Nancy Cantor is a charter signatory. SU’s Sustainability Division staff collected data from various University administrative systems, including energy management, space management, student records, human resource, and study abroad. A stratified survey was conducted of commuters (faculty, staff, students) during the Spring 2007 semester; commuting averages calculated were extrapolated to previous time frames based on headcounts. Read More